Paleo Diet

Have you heard of this diet before? Is it that Paleo has to do with Paleolithic? How much does this diet benefit humans? This and many questions arise around the Paleo Diet. It is not well known but once you hear about it you cannot stop until you experience all its advantages.

Paleo Diet

What is the Paleo diet?

A Paleo Diet is an eating plan that is based on foods similar to those they ate in the Paleolithic era. 2.5 million to 10,000 years ago men ate in a way that today several nutritionists incorporated into a diet that is quite successful, and curious, among those who dare to try it.

Lean beef, fish, fruits, vegetables and nuts, and seeds are some of the foods that are contemplated within the Paleo Diet. The reason is that these are the main things that could be obtained from hunting and gathering in the past. The limitations begin to appear when we talk about dairy, legumes, and cereals.

Paleo Diet aims to return to a feeding mode similar to that of the first humans. It is based on the fact that the human body is not fully compatible with modern food because it can harm the basic configuration of the body. It is believed that the change brought by dairy and legumes, after the emergence of agriculture, was somewhat harmful and rapid for humans. This makes obesity, diabetes and heart disease prevail.

Details about the Paleo Diet you should know

Within the healthy nutrition established by the Paleo diet, you find that you can eat fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts. These meals function as the main snacks within all the personalized diets that are made.

As for lean meats, that of pasture-fed animals or game animals is recommended. Fish can also be an option, especially since they have large amounts of omega 3. You can try salmon, abala and albacore tuna. Meat and fish are the main dishes that should be consumed by those who apply to this diet.

If you want to consume fat, Paleo Diet recommends oils derived from fruits and nuts. You can also try olive oil or walnut oil. Any other oil that is more than synthesized or artificial is totally prohibited within this diet. Remember that the idea is to do everything closest to the diet of our ancestors.

Among the foods, you should avoid there is cereals (wheat, oats, and barley), legumes (beans, lentils and peas). Dairy products along with refined sugar. Salt, potatoes and highly processed feeds are also part of this list of bans within the Paleo Diet.


The Paleo Diet may resemble other types of meal plans, even though its benefits make it totally different from the others. Several trials suggest that Paleo Diet gives many advantages due to the foods it admits. For example, you may experience more weight loss because you eliminate all the synthetic gauze that hurts you so much.

There is a greater tolerance to glucose since your body is going at a more natural rate and can assimilate everything more calmly. Along with increased glucose management comes better blood pressure control and triglyceride reduction. Thus, your arteries will be well maintained and you will not have to face any type of cardiovascular health problems.

Another of the greatest benefits of the Paleo diet is that it allows you to manage your appetite. You will no longer have an uncontrolled hunger at any time, with this diet you can control when you feel hungry since you always eat at the same time and enough to endure until the next meal.

On the other hand, you should know that a Paleo Diet is rich in vegetables, fruits, and nuts. It has all the elements of a healthy diet. The main difference is that it does not include whole grains and legumes, dairy products …

Why return to pre-history?

Thanks to Loren Cordain’s Books, the Paleo diet became popular. This author along with other defenders postulate that in the Paleolithic, the ancestors obtained 55% of their daily calories from animal protein, 15% from fruits, vegetables and seeds and the rest of fats, especially saturated ones.

The Paleo diet shares with philosophies such as raw veganism the idea that our digestive system and our genetics have not had time to adapt to the changes that have occurred since the generalization of agriculture and more recently of a sedentary lifestyle. While hominids have existed for 6 million years, modern humans emerged two hundred thousand years ago and agriculture for around ten thousand. If we add to this the Industrial and Food Revolution, our body has accelerated vertiginously.

This type of healthy nutrition based on the Paleolithic period proposes a different food guide along with a return to the origins to recover health and vitality. It does not work as a temporary diet but as a paradigm shift. But with this other currents related to this diet arise.

What you can do is keep the good. Paleo diet can bring an interesting point of view to veganism because it emphasizes the importance of knowing the evolutionary and food history. It also teaches you how to choose the best foods for health and to consume them in a way that is not compromised that way of going so natural that you want to start following.

Paleo Diet is somewhat confusing at the beginning and it is normal for you to miss yourself at the beginning. Even so, it’s a matter of soaking up the subject and even discussing it with your nutritionist. The benefits are many and go beyond just losing weight. Thanks to Paleo Diet you can get a much healthier lifestyle where your body benefits.

Eating as our ancestors did will make you healthier and help your body resume its natural course. You will have new energy levels and you will be able to achieve a full lifestyle. Dare to get in shape with Paleo Diet!! I assure you will not regret.


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