Second energy center: Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana)

What does Sacral Chakra mean? Today we are continuing our journey in the world of chakra.

We saw that our root chakra represents the planet of Mars, male or Jang principle. Now we want to talk about pure female energy, Jin, or Venus.

energy center: Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana)
Venus Chakra

The second sacral chakra or second energy center is located two or three fingers beneath the navel, in the area between 4th and 5th lumbar vertebra and it represents the planet of Venus. In Sanskrit, it is called Svadhisthana which actually translates to “sweeten”. This chakra shapes our emotional life and helps us feel happiness and satisfaction. It is represented as a feeling of being in love and feeling the love in partnership and all other relationships and physical and sensual pleasures, also, feelings of enjoyment in food and material values. Since it FORMS our emotional life, the element with which it is represented is the water, because the water gets the form and shape of the vessel in which it is found(it takes the shape of glass or bottle for example). And the water element is the element of ease, it shows how easily we accept things. The water element represents the fact that our Jin energy is formed and shaped during our lives by certain externalities and circumstances or influences beyond ourselves. As a theory of evolution suggests, life was born in the water. That is why we can say that the element of the second chakra represents the birth, change, and acceptance of our talents. In order for us to make this energy serves us good, we need to let ourselves go and allow emotions to flow freely through our Being. Connecting with this center helps us to feel all our senses, to enjoy our life, to attract love and to feel satisfied because Venus creates our motivation from inside and outside and our need to enjoy the life we created. We are creators, we plan and mature through the second chakra.

Sacral chakra’s color is orange. Orange is a mixture of red and yellow, and if we think about the colors of first (red, Mars) and third (yellow, Sun) sacral chakra it makes perfect sense. Venus chakra is at the top of Mars’ chakra and it represents the goal of our Mars, the goal of attracting all the good in our life and easily accept all things that come in our path of finding peace. And it is also the base of the Sun chakra which shows the way we represent ourselves to the world around us. And since the Venus governs the sign of Libra, it naturally represents the balance within us, during our life on planet Earth. Venus is also the ruler of the Taurus sign and the Taurus represents planet Earth. So the logic behind Venus is to balance our life and help us feel happiness, love, and satisfaction during our life on this planet. This is the center where our wishes are manifested and the center of Women Power, just like the Solar plexus is the center of Man Power. Venus is the materialization of our higher good through unconditional love and kindness. 

In our physical body, the second chakra is a connection to our reproductive glands, hormones and organs, lumbar spine, bladder, kidneys, spleen, lower stomach, and body fluids. Any problem that is related to these parts of our body, can be associated with disbalance in the second chakra. The main cause of the disbalance in this energy center is the feeling of guilt.

With balanced second chakra, we get the sense of fulfillment, satisfaction, sensuality, creativity and sexual attraction. We feel that we deserve the manifestation of our dreams and take the opportunity to enjoy all the beauty in us and around us. We accept ourselves and fall in love with who we are. Only when we accept this we are able to give love to our partner. The principle that rules this center is “give to receive”. When we have the confidence and trust to give love easily to another person we will get exactly the same, and at this point, we will feel satisfaction and enjoyment in life. When we allow ourselves to see the beauty in everything our imagination is capable of any kind of creative work. It can be created through arts literally (music, dance, writing, painting…) or it can be noticeable in any other profession.

Disbalance occurs when there is not enough or there is a lot of energy flowing through the second center. It can be noticeable at the mental, physical or emotional level. At the level of the physical body, this can be reflected as a certain problem with the reproductive system (ovaries, testicles), such as low fertility or problems with libido. Also, problems with bladder and urinary channels or prostate in men, while a woman can have painful or abnormal periods. Another representation is the stiffness and pain in the lumbar spine, all types of kidney problems and problems with the intestine. Disbalance can also tell us about the emotional blockage or over sensitiveness and excessive criticism. The lack of energy in the second sacral chakra gives rise to indignation, shyness, lack of trust, fear of closeness, feeling of sexual guilt, perfectionism, intolerance, criticality and self-criticism, excessive need for control over others and self-control. The reason lies in the process of us denying ourselves something that we want. From here we can develop a low sense of personal value, which leads to loss of motivation and inspiration which at the end causes boredom, emptiness, nonsense, and apathy. Excessive energy gives rise to manipulation, self-control, using others as sexual objects and instability of emotions which can be expressed through jealousy, over-dependence and obsessive attachment to another person, bipolar disorders or anything else that gives a sense of pleasure or relaxation such as excessive consumption of food, drinks, and sweets. Apart from this, it can be expressed as avoiding everything that seems difficult or hard which leads to laziness and conformism.

A spiritual lesson for the second chakra is learning to accomplish emotional identity and the establishment of stable emotional boundaries. We know we mastered the lesson if we can manage to indulge in a certain emotional ecstasy and allow ourselves to feel satisfaction and joy. When we learn to trust our senses, we establish the balance in the second center which means that we have gained the belief that we deserve the happiness and the pleasure we have through the beauty and the truth that leads us to a Higher Good.


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