The story of Energy Centers a.k.a. Chakra

“Menssana in corporesano”

Extracted from a context of one satirical poem written by the Latin author Juvenal, this has become our guide through the time which we currently live in. What this means is that we need to have a balance between our physical and mental health, and one cannot be done without respecting the other. So, we can think of it as a yin and yang principles. Our motivation and willingness to exercise, for example, comes from our mind, our inner self, and that is why we decided to address the topic of inner peace and balance as the basic precondition for working on ourselves and achieving growth in any aspect. On the path of working on our inner balance, chakra needs to be addressed here.


The basic need that each one of us has is to be happy, loved and content, but, every now and then we forget that we are creators of our own happiness and that the way the other people see us is just the mirror of our own energy that we radiate in the World. When we establish a relationship with ourselves, we become complete Being, we are able to find inner peace and from there we can draw happiness and contentment. By changing the attitude toward ourselves we can change all other relationships in a way that they become easier, just the way we’ve always wanted them to be.

As Albert Einstein stated in his famous mass-energy equivalence formula E = mc2, it is the ENERGY that is the basis of everything. We can draw one conclusion from this – the psyche of a human being is made up of energy, and energy flows are basic “tissue” of our psyche. Energy creates everything, energy flows all around us, our emotions are energy flowing through us (e – motions – energy in motion!). On the path of working on our inner balance, we would need to address mainly our energy flows, through energy centers or chakras, which are channels that connect us with the entire Universe. Hence, this would be the story of working on our energy so we could become our best possible versions in this World.

Our physical body can be thought of as our karma because through it we live all our experiences, we come to insights and knowledge and through our transformation, we connect with our inner Self (God, Universe, Light…). Therefore, our physical body is a very important “instrument” that connects us with the rest of the Universe through our energy flows by detecting physical, emotional and mental inscriptions that we take with us during life. As a clear physical and tangible structure, the physical body carries the densest energy and the lowest frequency, but, it is our channel that connects us with the vibrations of a higher level that are represented as our ethereal and astral body. Since it is the perfect tool that connects our conscious and unconscious part (it remembers everything, and knows everything – through our Organism, which is also perfect system) it is of great importance, that, on the conscious level, we nurture and maintain our body healthy. Our main purpose in this life would be to connect our mind (spirit, soul) with our physical body in order to find, achieve and maintain our inner balance.

Today we are continuing our journey in the world of chakra. That is why it is very important to exercise and practice our body, not just mind. It is the body’s necessity to have physical endeavors in order to be vital and flexible. By practicing yoga, cardio exercises, fitness, cross-fit, team sports or any other type of exercises we become aware of our body, our strength, flexibility, vitality, power, which all lead us to get to know us better. That is why we can state that exercising “wake us up” and revive our inner power. Sports and recreation are very important to maintain our body and soul vitality. Because it is the unbreakable connection between our mind and body.

Energy exercises are more subtle than classical ones because they connect us directly to our energy centers through our body and motion. With these exercises we visualize what we want and focus on the energy in the body, so we can achieve energy working for us, instead of wasting it unnecessarily. By practicing these exercises we place a conscious intention on what we want to achieve. With energy exercises and music of a certain frequency that is associated with a given center, we connect our energy centers – chakras in which there are memorized all our and our ancestors’ beliefs, as well as records of our potentials and our purpose and mission on this planet. With these exercises, we clean our energy field from negative beliefs and records of the Past and at the same time we restore it and recharge the fresh energy.

With the first Center – Muladhara chakra we connect our first field (Aries, Mars, male principle) with mother Earth and we can let go of all our fears about existence. It is represented as the energy of red color and it is located in the root of our spine. That is why sometimes it is called the root chakra. The element which represents it is the earth and it is characterized by the feeling of safety and stability, the feeling of belonging. The second sacral chakra or second energy center is located two or three fingers beneath the navel, in the area between 4th and 5th lumbar vertebra and it represents the planet of Venus. Through exercises we strengthen our power and durability, we are becoming aware of our boundaries and strengthen our energy field. Through this center we are learning about how grounded, brave, safe and stable we are, and then we are strengthening our borders, resistance, and protection of negative energy. Running, group sports and competitions, yoga and any activity that inspires direct contact with nature are great for working on this energy center. And bearing in mind our physical body is our connection to our inner peace, then we can understand why it is important for us to do these exercises every day. We should accept aspiration as unique, daily hygiene of the spirit and body.

More about energy centers, positive sides, and negative blockades, you may read in one of our next blogs. During that time, we recommend you to accept the challenge and engage in the adventure of achieving your inner peace. NAMASTE!

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