Ultimate Guide About Different Types Of Skins And Their Effects


Skin is an essential element of your body, which needs a lot of care from yourself. It is necessary to know which types of skin you have and how you deal with it. You have to be curious before buying moisturizers, cleansers, facial masks, and foundation cream.

There are five several types of skin, and every cosmetic product is design to such kinds of skin. You heard a lot about normal, dry, oily, combined or sensitive skin but did you know about your type of skin? It changes over time. Like young people’s skin more flawless than older.

•    It depends upon how much water you intake to increase the elasticity of your skin and its comfort.

•    How much your skin is oily, which directly affects the softness of your skin.

What reasons cause changes in your Skin type

Skin types are a complicated matter. It does not even change over time, but it could be affected by environment, genetics, hormones, stress, diet, and sun waves. Also, if you will take less sleep. It’s essential to keep in mind what’s the reason could cause by changing your type of skin.

Different issues ingredients for skin types

It’s the most important thing to keep in mind that there’s a lot of ingredients used in various cosmetics products that are not suitable for every type of skin. These products can be harmful to your skin, and they can quickly react or oily to form. Here are some ingredients mention below, which could be the maximum reason for your skin problems:

•    Pore-Clogging Waxes

•    Harsh Cleansing Agents

•    Alcohol

•    Fragrance

•    Thick Emollients

Just try to get rid of such products and take a break to know the actual nature of your skin and how your skin react without using such kind of products. This will reveal the characteristics of your skin and even the products either it’s healthy for your skin type or not.

Normal skin

How do you know: Normal words derive from showing the counterbalance of each and everything. Normal skin type is not much dry or oily. It has a perfect balance of water and liquid. Normal skin type rarely detects issues. It is less in imperfection, and some experts say It is rare to find such skin. Normal skin barely visible pores and spots. This skin is mostly blemish-free and seems occasionally brighten all the time and not become shiny at the end of the day. It looks flawless with a radiant complexion. If you have a Normal-type of skin, you should feel lucky one.

What to do: Mostly your skin has its natural balancing which is no need to use a lot of products on it but If you want to do so, take care of your t-zone and cheek area is essential to maintain the perfect balance of your skin. Use light gel-like moisturizer and light water-soluble cleanser cream and do not use a massive amount of it. Not even use any product which contains aggravating ingredients, or abrasive scrubs can be a result of damaging skin.

Dry Skin

How do you know:  Dry is a type of skin that produces less sebum as compared to normal skin. This skin has mostly rare in pores that are difficult to find. It shows the flakes of poor dead skin. This kind of skin is full of rough and dull complexion in most cases. It belongs to irritation, red patches, pores, cracking, peeling, damaging. It is less in elasticity with the least level of moisture in the skin. It can be caused due to climate changes, hormonal changes, genes, lifestyle, and diet plans. If it’s dry, it can be sudden affected appear on your skin, especially hands, arms, and legs.

What to do:  Moisture is essential for dry skin. Daily scrubbing with gentle, non-abrasive ingredient products can be helpful to promote natural skin oil. Use rich moisturizing cream and lotions to improve the quality of your skin.

Oily Skin

How do you know: The term of Oily is used to describe the moisture intensity on skin. Most of the time, excessive oil can be resultant of pores congested and clogged. It happens when the level of sebum increase and give your skin shiny grease look with prominent pore, blemish, and blackheads. Oily skin affects due to age, diet, stress. Ethnicity and hot, humid environment and makeup products that can irritate. Most people don’t even realize that oily skin can be resultant of the lake of water and skin dehydration.

What to do:  To get rid of extra oily moisture from your skin. Cleanse your skin with liquid or gel type cleanser and avoid heavy creams and lotions. Use gentle and don’t do scrubbing your skin. Not to squeeze or pop your pimple otherwise it’s hard to handle or escape.

Combined Skin

How do you know: As the name mentioned, combine means the mix combination of different types of skin. It’s common to see most of the people have mixed skin. Combine skin is oily from T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) more than other skin types and dry from different sides. Combine skin is due to hormonal changes and genetic imbalance.

What to do:  Combine skin is a common type of skin. It required different ways to deal with your skin from different oily to dry parts. Use light gel cleanser or soft toner to control your oily skin part and light moisturizer or serum for dry skin balancing.

Sensitive Skin

How do you know: Sensitive skin is a type of skin which irritates and reacts more often than other types. It can be identified because of redness, itching, swelling, rashes, flakiness burning skin. It can be affected by high or low temperatures. Many reasons behind these symptoms, but you can handle your skin beauty with particular skincare items.

What to do:  Sensitive skin required great attention to handle. Use a small number of related skin products as a test to see is that aggravate for your skin or not. Avoid harsh ingredient products and not use any product that can change your skin condition. Take care of your skin when you are using water, it shouldn’t be so cold or so hot. Use lukewarm water and avoid rough scrubbing mitts.

End Thoughts So skincare is the essential factor of your body. You will feel you face skin type will be different, and body skin type will be different. Now you can clear that what type of your skin is, as we mentioned above. I hope you enjoyed this article. For further information, keep visiting our website.

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